Top 3 CT Fletcher Motivational Quotes

As much as Ct Fletcher say motherf****g a lot, he is 6 time world champion in his category.

I am writing this post because I have been following CT Fletcher a lot and he motivate me to push myself!

So why not showing you a Top 3 CT Fletcher Motivational Quotes!

Top 3 CT Fletcher Motivational Quotes

 1) It's Still You Muthaf*ckin Set!!


2) I Command You To Grow!



3) If You can Control Your Mind, You Can Control Your Muther Fucking Muscle.


Top 3 CT Fletcher Motivational Quotes

That was the Top 3 CT Fletcher Motivational Quotes!

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4 Things You Need to Know | Start Online Business Part 1

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How To Define a Target Market 

Hi friend! 

I spent a year passing by next to it and I never understood how to define my target market...

Did you spend hour and hours wondering why nobody was buying form you?

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How To Define a Target Market

To be able to sell anything to anyone you have to know if the product will solve a problem that your prospect have and want to be solved.. How To Define a Target Market

Let's take a weight loss shake for exemple.. 

What most marketer or sales person try to do is to sell anything to anyone.. so to be able to find a buyer the most logical way would be to define a target market.

Most likely a person that needs a weight loss shake is a person that needs to loose some pounds in a short period of time.

You will define a target market with 3 simple questions:

1) Know your product! - You need to be able to answer any question that your potential prospect have. 

  • What's the company that created it?
  • What is the benefits from it?
  • What does it do?

2) Who qualifies? - You need to define who is qualifying from it. Because many marketer try to cut corners but when you know who exactly will benefit from your product you are on the right track!

3) What are their struggle? Why they need it? Once the two first questions answered you can define a target market

  • ​The person that needs your products is the one that has a problem e.g. Need to loose weght and looking for a solution. And that's when you come in handy!

How To Define a Target Market 

After having answered these 3 questions you can easily define your message to your market by answering to a proplem! 

And thay will buy from you becasue you have the solution!

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How To Define a Target Market

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You need a home on the internet where you can post your content, learning experience and your services. And that is called a Blog. You need a blog that will convert sales for you like the one I am using for my business.

When you have your home; meaning your central hub online you can do these 3 steps to generate money online

1. Create Content.

You need to create content that will serve people. All you do is learn, study and teach it throught your blog! It can be made with an Article,Video, or Image! Simple right?

Your home on the internet will attract readers ence your free traffic! 

Sharing your blog post or throught SEO is a way to creat a hug following of buyers! (keep reading to learn how to create sales)

2. Capture.

Capturing is simply collecting emails from your reader throught your blog! The blog I am using has a banner with a 'headline and a Call To Action on it!'

Readers click on the banner and see a page called an 'Opt-In' Form they put their email in it (and that is when you get a free lead) then your leads are forwarded to a product or services page with a video on it!

3. Convert

Most of the time people don't buy right away, but if you've respected the two foregoing instructions converting will be the money making part! 

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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

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