Hey there my friend! 

When I feel that I need inspiration; I put on a real good old Eric Thomas video.

I will breakdown here my top 5 videos and speeches by Eric Thomas! 

Eric Thomas - Motivational Speaker

Here it is! my Top 5 videos by Eric Thomas Motivational Speaker

Lets start a countdown from 5! 

5 -REAL TIME; Get Real

I this speech he literrally breakdown the mindset of highly successuful people. My favourite quote from him is;

"Success is very intentional and deliberate"

4 - TGIM! Be Obsessed!

In Australia Eric Thomas (Motivational Speaker) killed it with a good ending in less then 30 second he made me understant why I need to be Obsessed with improvement!

"Some of you upgrate their technolgy but you're not upgrading yourself"

3 - Rise and Grind - Greatest Motivational Video ᴴᴰ ft. Eric Thomas 2014

It feels empowering to listen to that one because it centeres ourself in our why. It help us get the vision of we want to become! 

"Life will punch you in your month andyour why has to be greater then that knock out"

2- Best Motivational Video - Be Phenomenal [HD]

"There'll never be a point in your lifewhere it is the right time to do a perfect time - you gotta create it"

I gotta be open to say that some emotion rised up because I know the reasons why I do what I do... 

When I nedd inspiration and touch my very being I listen to this one, sometimes even some tears appear, listen to that quote when Eric says Don't cry to give up; Cry to keep going! 

Here's my top video!

Eric Thomas - Motivational Speaker

1- Secret to success by eric thomas

I hope that you enjoyed my Top 5 video playlist! 

Eric Thomas (Motivational Speaker)

Wanna learn how you can make money from home?

If you are looking to make some extra cash online or struggling with your online business I have been blogging some times now and been able to make some extra cash online with free marketing...

Here is how it works

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Here is what I would like you to do;

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Have a super awesome day! 

Alexandre Clermont

~ Alexandre Clermont

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Hey There Friend!; First of all thank you for clicking and taking time to read this informative blog! 

The material here just works. If you apply step by step what I describe here you WILL make money plain and simple.

Return to the basic

I want to put you in perspective here, if you have been struggling to make money with your blog or just curious it is important to stick and return to basic

From my own experience, blogging is not just a page where you talk to google to get ranked first page and magical money apears...

To make money with a blog even without experience you need to understand that there is a certain law at the root of making money as explained in Think & Grow Rich;

you need to render service in full quantity and quality with a positive mental attitude. (don't worry I will explain)

How to Make Money Blogging

Like I was saying we need to respect this law prrovided by Napoleon Hill.

-But how is this applicable with Blogging?

You need to blog about what you learn in a way that render service to people

-But yeah.. again... what do you mean? 

Learn from professionals that have walk the talk then teach it to understand it yourself this will accelerate your learning curve.

Blogging in this way will help others and they will feel stuck to you and they will start following you and they will buy from you that is it period... That's how it works.

CLICK HERE....  to set up your Blogging System Today! 

I am telling you straight up that only %3 of marketers that are successful are doing it like I said and they make 6 figure monthly income... Basically you have %97 chance to beat the competitition!

There is a Simple 3 Step Formula that say Blog daily, tell others, get paid and I will explain it to you in just a sec.

Your blogging platform is set automatically to a product sales page which people will click on because you have given them value and rendered them service and they will want to buy! 

You get more readers by sharing post to social media!

5 Easy Steps To Follow DAILY


1-Set Up Your Blogging Platform...

2- Write a blog post - Write about what you learn here! 

3- Syndicate your blog post in social medias! E.G. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook to get exposure!

4- Update social medias, answer comments and questions.

5- Coach new member!

~ Alexandre Clermont

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Hey there! 

You probably wonder why I post my blog on my Facebook wall, Pinterest and Instagram.. 

See it this way a blog is like real estate, the more blog post you have the more chance you can get people into reading your post! 

A Fresh Look Into Online Blogging!

I will explain how making money online really works and the tools you need to start your journey today!

CLICK HERE to see a video about blogging. 

To make you understand I will try to paint a picture in your mind; Oh yeah... I was saying blogging is like a real estate company... The more more homes owned the more money is made.

Well blogging is the the figuratively, the more you blog, the more you are likely to make money BUT! 

Blogging daily will make you more exposure for your business


Important Bullet Points To Know What To Blog About...

There is a but.. 

You need to respect & determine these simple things to generate an income overtime!

1.Who are you talking to when you blog?
2.Who are you marketing to whne you blog?

You also need to know this:

1.You gotta know your product.
2.Know who is searching for your product.
3.Know what buying descision your prospect are doing when they are making a purchase.

Indeed google search will be needed, but you will defenitely need a blog that sell itself so that you can make money online! CLICK HERE

I hope that this was helpfull, I'm like you learning everyday my way into online money! 

Have an awesome day! 

~ Alexandre Clermont

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5 free online marketing tips for beginners

Have you ever felt that knowing to much inforamation is so overwhelming that we end up doing nothing? 

Well it happened to me; I love watching information videos, but it is not what will make me money.. It is actually doing what we call "Income Producing Activity" 

So let me introduce you to income producing activities because I care about you.

5 free online marketing tips for beginners

Income producing activities are simple things that are done daily that you need to do to make an income so here they are.

  1. Blog Daily about what you've learned from your journey because it help you understand faster! 
  2. Email your blog post to your list and add it to your follow up auto responder; Learn how to setup an auto responder here (blog coming up soon)
  3. Syndicate your blog post into social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, linked in; you what your post to get seen! It's important to share what you learn because this business is built by helping others!
  4. Update your social media websites; answer to comments & questions!
  5. Spend 30 min coaching a new member.. help them to get started as soon as they get in! 

Blogging is the best way to generate free leads online as long as you post value to others... E.g. I will say it again write about what you've learn... You certainly don't need to be an expert to start making money! 

With that being said; start implementing this in you business...

Here is what I want you to do. If you don't have a blogging platform get this one because you need a viral bloggging platform that make you money! 

 So click the link above, watch the video and fill up your information at the end and see you on the other side! 

~ Alexandre Clermont; to your success!

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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

How to make Money Blogging For Beginners

3 Secret Things That Will Show You How to Make money Blogging in Montreal

First of all; I LOVE Montreal and I want to help my fellow Montrealers to get stared with a fresh new blog and show how to monetize it. Sounds good enough?

I started blogging last Christmas and we are already 3 months a way and blogging is an excellent yet still a great way to make extra money when it comes to pay for night outs, dinners or maybe eventually being able to quit your job and live the lifestyle you want in the future! (for sure ambition is needed which I can pass on to you).

3 Important things that are very important; yes I said it twice...  These came back over and over again yet I wasn't respecting them, it's like I was putting my hand into the fire and finally understood why I had to stop doing it and start with a fresh and the most logic way to finally make money.

Here we go if you respect these 3 Secret Things it lead you  to make money blogging in Montreal.

1. Get a blog that convert sales - that is purposely made to make you visitors and I suggest the platform I use now, it is specifically designed to convert sales like crazy! Buy it here!

2. Find product or services to sell - You can sell anything you want online, but you can't make a living with a peanut stand in your living room, you can't either make tons of money if you sell book on amazon.

See, everything you sell the earning will be determined by it's price and the commission unless you make you own product, but you need to have a one that is already in demand! some company out there give you %10 to %50 some like this is %100 this video will show you it works.

3. Call to Action - because the all purpose for a blog is to make money it is necessary to tell the readers to buy! A call to action is a simple instruction on where to buy to product for sale.. If you go to a store and the clerk gives you advice but never ask you for the sales is chances to make money will not increase! 

4. Use Keywords In your blog post - I know said 3 steps, but here is a bonus. In order to get visitors to your blog you need to get eyeballs to it.

The unique way is to use keywords that people are searching. The Blog post you write will be posted to Google and if you use proper keywords you will get visitors in no time!!

Click here to know how to write a blog post that makes sales!

I hope this help you to get started! 

Here is what I'd like you to do,

  1. Click here, enter your best email and watch the same video that introduced me to online blogging.
  2. After watching the video; purchase the blogging platform by filling your credit card information and billing information at the end!
  3. Follow the 8 core commitments to get started... See you on the inside my friend!!

Alex - Online Marketer

PS: If you are really serious on making money online you have to watch this video... Click on this link! 



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

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